Happy Valentine’s Day: Here’s an Alarm System Discount!

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Alarm System Discount

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. You know what that means… your chances of a home burglary are going down! Because of the velvety glow of puppy-love that envelops people this season? No–it’s because V-Day falls on a weekend this year and most home break-ins occur on weekdays during the day, when people are at work. That gem, and others can be found in the FBI’s UCR data. It makes for interesting reading. For instance, staying on the category of home break-ins, did you know….

  • -You are more likely to suffer a break-in if you live in the middle of your block than if you are on a corner lot?
  • -Homes WITHOUT a security system are three times more likely to be burglarized?
  • -The typical burglar lives within 2 miles of the home they break into?
  • -There are more burglaries in the southern U.S. than in the north?
  • -Homes WITH a security system get an alarm system discount on their insurance?

You may not be able to control where you live all that easily but you can take steps to make it less likely you will be a victim of a break in. Keep the exterior of your home well lit (using timers on your lights to keep things bright while you are gone is a good tip too), trim bushes and trees that screen your home from view, lock doors and windows, install motion lights, and consider a home security system!

The home security business has changed a lot in the last few years. Local companies like Security Unlimited Professionals can get your home protected quickly and easily with wireless technology and without long term contracts. There are many good firms to choose from depending upon where you live and with the pace of technology cameras are becoming a more affordable and popular choice of homeowners as well. And did we mention you will save on your homeowners insurance?

So does all this talk make you want to run out and buy your dearly beloved a new security system or motion light for Valentine’s?

Fail to Consolidate

You are incorrect. First hop on the phone to make reservations at your favorite local restaurant, swing by Vino to pick up some champaign, grab some chocolates and flowers, and only THEN broach the subject of insurance with your significant other. After all, something this intimate and important you have to work up to….